Youth Parent Support Network:

Young Parents Support Network (YPSN) is a small, non-profit organization whose mission is to support and empower young parent families in the Coast Salish Territories (Victoria, BC).

About YPSN:

YPSN was formed in 1994 by young parents who saw the need for an organization which would meet their unique needs and which they could have a strong voice in running. Young parents still have a strong voice today through our young parent board, and steering committees, and conversations with young parents.

Today, YPSN works to meet the needs of the young parent community through parenting programs and groups, as well as one-to-one services for young and expecting parents facing challenges in their lives. YPSN actively encourages parents to let staff know what services and programs would best meet the needs of the young parent community. If you have an idea let us know!

Contact YPSN:

YPSN is co-located with Saanich Neighbourhood Place, located in the Pearkes Recreation Centre behind Tillicum Mall.


Call: 250-384-0552


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Dad and Child
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