Our Amazing Team

Community Engagement & Administration

Kayde Shotton

Administrative Support

Corinne Bains

Acting Executive Director & Children's Programs Manager

Beatrice Toner

Community Engagement Coordinator

Kirsten Odermatt

Bookkeeper & Administrative Support

Monica Lewis

Royal Oak Neighbourhood House Coordinator

Family Programs & Services

Jacquelin Green

Family Programs Manager

Peter Magnuson

Youth Development Worker

Dana Rogers

Family Programs &Best Babies

Robin Kiernan

Family Programs & Best Babies

Paul Sheaves

Family Programs

Food Security Programs

Sheila Avery

Food Security Programs

Tina Tulloch

Food Security Programs

Ariane Vezeau

Food Security Programs

Children's Programs & Full o' Beans Preschool

Tanya Kulikowsky

Drop-in Facilitator

Moira Barwell-Clarke

Full o Beans Preschool

Trina Grey

Full o Beans Preschool

Emma Stebbins

Full o Beans Preschool

Mackenzie Doherty

Full o Beans Preschool

Lynn Spyker

Full o Beans Preschool

Lorie Walker

Full o' Beans Preschool

Wendy Morgan

Full o' Beans Preschool

Rhiannon McKechnie

Full o' Beans Preschool

Board of Directors

Jennifer Hawes, Chair

Colin Nichol, Vice-Chair

Dorthy Rosenberg, Secretary

Erin Holler, Director

Gillian Larsen, Director

Joanna Witham, Director

JoAnne Gordon, Director

Penny Hartley, Director

Suzanne MacLellan, Director

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